Semantic MediaWiki and related extensions
Deprecated List
Member Lingo::purgeCache ()
Member Maps::getJSONObject ($defText= '', $defTitle= '')
Member Maps::newFromAddress ($address)
Member MapsDisplayMapRenderer::evilOpenLayersHack ($layers)
Class MapsMapper
Member MapsMapper::getBaseMapJSON ($serviceName)
Member MapsMapper::getFileUrl ($file)
Class ParserHook
since 1.0 in favour of the ParserHooks library
Member ParserHook::getDescription ()
since 1.0
Member PFFormInput::getDefaultPropTypeLists ()
Member PFFormInput::getDefaultPropTypes ()
Member PFFormInput::getOtherPropTypeListsHandled ()
Member PFFormInput::getOtherPropTypesHandled ()
Member PFRegExpInput::getOtherPropTypesHandled ()
Member SMW::newQueryParser ()
since 2.5, use QueryFactory::newQueryParser
Member SMW::getDataItemId ($typeId)
since 2.5, use DataTypeRegistry::getDataItemByType
Member SMW::getDefaultDataItemTypeId ($diType)
since 2.5, use DataTypeRegistry::getDefaultDataItemByType
Member SMW::findTypeID ($label)
since 1.9, use DataTypeRegistry::findTypeId
Member SMW::findTypeLabel ($id)
since 1.9, use DataTypeRegistry::findTypeLabel
Member SMW::getDataItemId ($typeId)
since 1.9, use DataTypeRegistry::getDataItemId
Member SMW::getKnownTypeLabels ()
since 1.9, use DataTypeRegistry::getKnownTypeLabels
Member SMW::newDataItemValue (DataItem $dataItem, DIProperty $property=null, $caption=false)
since 2.4, use DataValueFactory::newDataValueByItem
Member SMW::newPropertyObjectValue (DIProperty $property, $valueString=false, $caption=false, $contextPage=null)
since 2.4, use DataValueFactory::newDataValueByProperty
Member SMW::newPropertyValue ($propertyName, $valueString, $caption=false, DIWikiPage $contextPage=null)
since 2.4, use DataTypeRegistry::newDataValueByText
Member SMW::newTypeIdValue ($typeId, $valueString=false, $caption=false, DIProperty $property=null, $contextPage=null)
since 2.4, use DataValueFactory::newDataValueByType
Member SMW::registerDatatype ($id, $className, $dataItemId, $label=false)
since 1.9, use DataTypeRegistry::registerDataType
Member SMW::registerDatatypeAlias ($id, $label)
since 1.9, use DataTypeRegistry::registerDataTypeAlias
Member SMW::findPropertyID ($label, $useAlias=true)
since 2.1, use PropertyRegistry::findPropertyIdByLabel
Member SMW::findPropertyLabel ($id)
since 2.1, use PropertyRegistry::findPropertyLabelById
Member SMW::getPredefinedPropertyTypeId ($key)
since 2.1, use PropertyRegistry::getPredefinedPropertyTypeId
Member SMW::registerProperty ($id, $typeid, $label=false, $show=false)
since 2.1, use PropertyRegistry::registerProperty
Member SMW::registerPropertyAlias ($id, $label)
since 2.1, use PropertyRegistry::registerPropertyAlias
Member SMW::findMonth ($label)
use findMonthNumberByLabel
Member SMW::getMonthLabel ($number)
use getMonthLabelByNumber
Member SMW::getPropertyId ($propertyLabel)
use getPropertyIdByLabel
Member SMW::createHashIdFromSegments ($title, $namespace, $interwiki= '', $fragment= '')
since 2.4, use Hash::createFromSegments
Member SMW::getPoolCacheFor ($poolCacheName, $cacheSize=500)
since 2.5, use InMemoryPoolCache::getPoolCacheById
Member SMW::getLanguageCodeFrom (&$value)
2.5, use Localizer::getAnnotatedLanguageCodeFrom instead
Member SMW::termMatches ()
remove once min supported MW version has ::highlightNone()
Member SMW::clearData ()
since 2.1, use setEmptySemanticData
Member SMW::getData ()
since 2.0, use getSemanticData
Member SMW::setData (SemanticData $semanticData)
since 2.0, use setSemanticData
Member SMW::updateOutput ()
since 2.1, use pushSemanticDataToParserOutput
Member SMW::getRecurringEventsParser ()
since 2.1, use newRecurringEventsParserFunction
Member SMW::getSubobjectParser ()
since 2.1, use newSubobjectParserFunction
Member SMW::getFirst ()
since 2.3, use ParserParameterProcessor::getFirstParameter
Member SMW::getParameterValuesFor ($key)
since 2.5, use ParserParameterProcessor::getParameterValuesByKey
Member SMW::findPropertyId ($label, $useAlias=true)
since 2.1 use findPropertyIdByLabel instead
Member SMW::findPropertyLabel ($id)
since 2.1 use findPropertyLabelById instead
Member SMW::getPredefinedPropertyTypeId ($id)
since 2.1 use getPropertyTypeId instead
Member SMW::getDataValue ()
Use getDataItem() and ::getInstance()->newDataValueByItem() if needed. Vanishes before SMW 1.7
Member SMW::encode ($id, $data)
since 2.0
Member SMW::loading ()
since 2.0
Member SMW::$m_params
Use $params instead. Will be removed in 1.10.
Member SMW::exportFormatParameters ()
since 1.8, removal in 1.10
Member SMW::getParameters ()
since 1.8, use getParamDefinitions instead.
Member SMW::textDisplayParameters ()
since 1.8, removal in 1.10
Member SMW::setSemanticData ($identifier)
since 2.0
Member SMW::createPagesFor (array $pages, $defaultNamespace)
Member SMW::enabledDeferredUpdate ($enabledDeferredUpdate=true)
since 3.0, use DeferredCallableUpdate::isDeferrableUpdate
Module removed. Vanishes in SMW 1.7 at the latest.
Use module '', see SMW_Ouptuts.php. Vanishes in SMW 1.7 at the latest.
Use module 'ext.smw.tooltips', see SMW_Ouptuts.php. Vanishes in SMW 1.7 at the latest.
Will vanish after SMW 1.9; use TYPE_BLOB instead.
Member SMWDataValue::prepareValue (&$value, &$comparator)
Class SMWDIString
Will be removed after SMW 1.9; use SMWDIBlob instead
Member smwfIsSemanticsProcessed ($namespace)
since 1.9 and will be removed in 1.11
Member smwfNumberFormat ($value, $decplaces=3)
since 2.1, use NumberFormatter instead
Class SMWParamFormat
since 1.9
Member SMWPropertyValue::getDBkey ()
since 1.6
Member SMWPropertyValue::getText ()
since 1.6
Member SMWPropertyValue::getTypesValue ()
Types values are not a good way to exchange SMW type information. They are for input only. Use getPropertyTypeID() if you want the type id. This method will vanish in SMW 1.7.
Member SMWPropertyValue::isInverse ()
since 1.6
Member SMWPropertyValue::isShown ()
since 1.6
Member SMWPropertyValue::isUserDefined ()
since 1.6
Member SMWPropertyValue::registerProperty ($id, $typeid, $label=false, $show=false)
Use DIProperty::registerProperty(). Will vanish before SMW 1.7.
Member SMWPropertyValue::registerPropertyAlias ($id, $label)
Use DIProperty::registerPropertyAlias(). Will vanish before SMW 1.7.
Member SMWQueryProcessor::getResultFromFunctionParams (array $rawParams, $outputMode, $context=self::INLINE_QUERY, $showMode=false)
Will vanish after release of SMW 1.8. See SMW_Ask.php for example code on how to get query results from #ask function parameters.
Member SMWQueryProcessor::getResultFromQueryString ($queryString, array $params, $extraPrintouts, $outputMode, $context=self::INLINE_QUERY)
Will vanish after release of SMW 1.8. See SMW_Ask.php for example code on how to get query results from #ask function parameters.
Member SMWQueryProcessor::getSortKeys (array $sortParam, array $orderParam, $defaultSort)
since 2.5, This method should no longer be used but since it was made protected (and therefore can be derived from) it will remain until 3.0 to avoid a breaking BC.
Member SMWQueryProcessor::processFunctionParams (array $rawParams, &$querystring, &$params, &$printouts, $showMode=false)
Will vanish after SMW 1.8 is released. Use getComponentsFromFunctionParams which has a cleaner interface.
Member SMWQueryResult::getLink ()
since 2.5, use QueryResult::getQueryLink
Member SMWQueryResult::getQueryLink ($caption=false)
since SMW 1.8
Member SMWRecordValue::getDVs ()
as of 1.6, use getDataItems instead
Member SMWResultArray::getNextObject ()
since 1.6. Call getNextDataValue() or getNextDataItem() directly as needed. Method will vanish before SMW 1.7.
Class SMWStringLengthException
Will be removed after SMW 1.9; do not use
Member SMWTimeValue::getXMLSchemaDate ($mindefault=true)
This method is now called getISO8601Date(). It will vanish before SMW 1.7.
Member SMWTypesValue::isBuiltIn ()
As of SMW 1.6, there are no more user-defined datatypes, making this method useless. Will vanish in SMW 1.6.
Member SMWWikiPageValue::getSortKey ()
Use SMWStore::getWikiPageSortKey(). Will vanish before SMW 1.7
Member SMWWikiPageValue::makePage ($dbkey, $namespace, $ignoredParameter= '', $interwiki= '')
This method will vanish before SMW 1.7. If you really need this, simply copy its code.
Member SMWWikiPageValue::makePageFromTitle (Title $title)
This method will vanish before SMW 1.7. If you really need this, simply copy its code.