Semantic MediaWiki and related extensions
Deprecated List
Member Maps::getJSONObject (string $defText='', string $defTitle='')
Class Maps
Member Maps::getFileUrl ( $file)
Member Maps::__construct ( $enableLegacyCrud=true)
Use newInstance instead
Member SFS::getHTML ( $cur_value="", $input_name="", $is_mandatory, $is_disabled, Array $other_args)
use getHtmlText() instead
Member SMW::findTypeId ( $label)
since 3.0, use DataTypeRegistry::findTypeByLabel
Member SMW::getDataItemId ( $typeId)
since 2.5, use DataTypeRegistry::getDataItemByType
Member SMW::getDefaultDataItemTypeId ( $diType)
since 2.5, use DataTypeRegistry::getDefaultDataItemByType
Member SMW::newDataItemValue (DataItem $dataItem, DIProperty $property=null, $caption=false)
since 2.4, use DataValueFactory::newDataValueByItem
Member SMW::newPropertyObjectValue (DIProperty $property, $valueString=false, $caption=false, $contextPage=null)
since 2.4, use DataValueFactory::newDataValueByProperty
Member SMW::newPropertyValue ( $propertyName, $valueString, $caption=false, DIWikiPage $contextPage=null)
since 2.4, use DataTypeRegistry::newDataValueByText
Member SMW::newTypeIdValue ( $typeId, $valueString=false, $caption=false, DIProperty $property=null, $contextPage=null)
since 2.4, use DataValueFactory::newDataValueByType
Member SMW::findPropertyTypeId ()
since 3.0, use DIProperty::findPropertyValueType
Member SMW::setPropertyTypeId ( $valueType)
since 3.0, use DIProperty::setPropertyValueType
Member SMW::createHashIdFromSegments ( $title, $namespace, $interwiki='', $fragment='')
since 2.4, use Hash::createFromSegments
Member SMW::getPoolCacheFor ( $poolCacheName, $cacheSize=500)
since 2.5, use InMemoryPoolCache::getPoolCacheById
Member SMW::fetchByLanguageCode ( $languageCode)
since 3.0, use Lang::fetch
Member SMW::findMonth ( $label)
use findMonthNumberByLabel
Member SMW::getMonthLabel ( $number)
use getMonthLabelByNumber
Member SMW::getPropertyId ( $propertyLabel)
use getPropertyIdByLabel
Member SMW::getLanguageCodeFrom (&$value)
2.5, use Localizer::getAnnotatedLanguageCodeFrom instead
Member SMW::isDeprecated ()
since 3.0, use the smwbrowse API module
Member SMW::isDeprecated ()
since 3.0, use the smwbrowse API module
Member SMW::enabledDeferredUpdate ( $enabledDeferredUpdate=true)
since 3.0, use DeferredCallableUpdate::isDeferrableUpdate
Member SMW::newEditInfoProvider (WikiPage $wkiPage, Revision $revision, User $user=null)
since 3.1
Member SMW::termMatches ()
remove once min supported MW version has ::highlightNone()
Member SMW::isEnabledFeature ( $feature)
since 3.1, use TaskHandler::hasFeature
Member SMW::setEnabledFeatures ( $enabledFeatures)
since 3.1, use TaskHandler::setFeatureSet
Member SMW::getOptions ()
since 3.0, use Options::toArray
Member SMW::getData ()
since 2.0, use getSemanticData
Member SMW::pushSemanticDataToParserOutput ()
since 3.0, use copyToParserOutput
Member SMW::setData (SemanticData $semanticData)
since 2.0, use setSemanticData
Member SMW::setSemanticDataStateToParserOutputProperty ()
since 3.0, use pushSemanticDataToParserOutput
Member SMW::getRecurringEventsParser ()
since 2.1, use newRecurringEventsParserFunction
Member SMW::getSubobjectParser ()
since 2.1, use newSubobjectParserFunction
Member SMW::getFirst ()
since 2.3, use ParserParameterProcessor::getFirstParameter
Member SMW::getParameterValuesFor ( $key)
since 2.5, use ParserParameterProcessor::getParameterValuesByKey
Member SMW::findPropertyId ( $label, $useAlias=true)
since 2.1 use findPropertyIdByLabel instead
Member SMW::findPropertyLabel ( $id)
since 2.1 use findPropertyLabelById instead
Member SMW::getPredefinedPropertyTypeId ( $id)
since 2.1 use getPropertyValueTypeById instead
Member SMW::getPropertyTypeId ( $id)
since 3.0, use PropertyRegistry::getPropertyValueTypeById instead
Member SMW::isKnownPropertyId ( $id)
since 3.0 use isRegistered instead
Member SMW::registerPropertyDescriptionMsgKeyById ( $id, $msgKey)
since 3.0, use PropertyRegistry::registerPropertyDescriptionByMsgKey
Member SMW::getDataValue ()
Use getDataItem() and ::getInstance()->newDataValueByItem() if needed. Vanishes before SMW 1.7
Member SMW::getLink ()
since 2.5, use QueryResult::getQueryLink
Member SMW::getRowText (array $fields, $rownum=0)
since SMW 3.0
Member SMW::getParameters ()
since 1.8, use getParamDefinitions instead.
Member SMW::newQueryParser ( $queryFeatures=false)
since 2.5, use QueryFactory::newQueryParser
Member SMW::getCombinedIdListOfChangedEntities ()
since 3.0, use ChangeOp::getChangedEntityIdSummaryList
Member SMW::getFixedPropertyValueBy ( $field)
since 3.0, use TableChangeOp::getFixedPropertyValByField
Member SMW::getDataItemPoolHashListFor (array $idlist, RequestOptions $requestOptions=null)
since 3.0, use SMWSql3SmwIds::getDataItemsFromList
Member SMW::setSemanticData ( $identifier)
since 2.0
Member SMW::createPagesFor (array $pages, $defaultNamespace)
Member SMW::code ( $target)
3.2, use TemplateEngine::publish
Member SMWDataValue::checkAllowedValues ()
since 3.1, use DataValue::checkConstraints
Member SMWDataValue::isEnabledFeature ( $feature)
since 3.0, use DataValue::hasFeature
Member SMWDataValue::prepareValue (&$value, &$comparator)
since 2.3
Member SMWTimeValue::getXMLSchemaDate ( $mindefault=true)
This method is now called getISO8601Date(). It will vanish before SMW 1.7.
Member SMWWikiPageValue::getTitle ()
since 3.1 use getDataItem()->getTitle() instead

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