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SMW\Scribunto\Tests\ScribuntoLuaEngineTestBase Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 getScribuntoLuaLibrary ()
 run (\PHPUnit_Framework_TestResult $result=null)

Protected Member Functions

 setUp ()
 overrideMwServices (\Config $configOverrides=null, array $services=[])

Detailed Description

Encapsulation of the Scribunto_LuaEngineTestBase class



Member Function Documentation

◆ getScribuntoLuaLibrary()

SMW\Scribunto\Tests\ScribuntoLuaEngineTestBase::getScribuntoLuaLibrary ( )

Accesses an instance of class {

See also
ScribuntoLuaLibrary ScribuntoLuaLibrary

◆ overrideMwServices()

SMW\Scribunto\Tests\ScribuntoLuaEngineTestBase::overrideMwServices ( \Config  $configOverrides = null,
array  $services = [] 
See also
Scribunto_LuaEngineTestBase -> MediaWikiTestCase

MediaWikiTestCase isolates the result with MediaWikiTestResult which ecapsultes the commandline args and since we need to use "real" tables as part of "use-normal-tables" we otherwise end-up with the CloneDatabase to create TEMPORARY TABLE by default as in:

CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE unittest_smw_di_blob (LIKE smw_di_blob) and because of the TEMPORARY TABLE, MySQL (not MariaDB) will complain about things like:

SELECT p.smw_title AS prop, o_id AS id0, o0.smw_title AS v0, o0.smw_namespace AS v1, o0.smw_iw AS v2, o0.smw_sortkey AS v3, o0.smw_subobject AS v4, o0.smw_sort AS v5 FROM unittest_smw_di_wikipage INNER JOIN unittest_smw_object_ids AS p ON p_id=p.smw_id INNER JOIN unittest_smw_object_ids AS o0 ON o_id=o0.smw_id WHERE (s_id='29') AND (p.smw_iw!=':smw') AND (p.smw_iw!=':smw-delete')

Function: SMW::fetchSemanticDataFromTable Error: 1137 Can't reopen table: 'p' ()

The reason is that unittest_smw_object_ids was created as TEMPORARY TABLE and p is referencing to a TEMPORARY TABLE as well which isn't allowed in MySQL.

"You cannot refer to a TEMPORARY table more than once in the same query" [0]


◆ run()

SMW\Scribunto\Tests\ScribuntoLuaEngineTestBase::run ( \PHPUnit_Framework_TestResult  $result = null)

Only needed for MW 1.31

◆ setUp()

SMW\Scribunto\Tests\ScribuntoLuaEngineTestBase::setUp ( )


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