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SMW\Maintenance\RebuildData Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 execute ()
 reportMessage ( $message)

Protected Member Functions

 addDefaultParams ()

Detailed Description

Recreates all the semantic data in the database, by cycling through all the pages that might have semantic data, and calling functions that re-save semantic data for each one.

Note: if SMW is not installed in its standard path under ./extensions then the MW_INSTALL_PATH environment variable must be set. See README in the maintenance directory.

Usage: php rebuildData.php [options...]

-d <delay> Wait for this many milliseconds after processing an article, useful for limiting server load. -s <startid> Start refreshing at given article ID, useful for partial refreshing -e <endid> Stop refreshing at given article ID, useful for partial refreshing -n <numids> Stop refreshing after processing a given number of IDs, useful for partial refreshing –startidfile <startidfile> Read <startid> from a file instead of the arguments and write the next id to the file when finished. Useful for continual partial refreshing from cron. -b <backend> Execute the operation for the storage backend of the given name (default is to use the current backend) -v Be verbose about the progress. -c Will refresh only category pages (and other explicitly named namespaces) -p Will refresh only property pages (and other explicitly named namespaces) –page=<pagelist> will refresh only the pages of the given names, with | used as a separator. Example: –page="Page 1|Page 2" refreshes Page 1 and Page 2 Options -s, -e, -n, –startidfile, -c, -p, -t are ignored if –page is given. –query=<query> Will refresh only pages returned by a given query. Example: –query='[[Category:SomeCategory]]' -f Fully delete all content instead of just refreshing relevant entries. This will also rebuild the whole storage structure. May leave the wiki temporarily incomplete. –server=<server> The protocol and server name to as base URLs, e.g. This is sometimes necessary because server name detection may fail in command line scripts.

Yaron Koren
Markus Krötzsch

Member Function Documentation

◆ addDefaultParams()

SMW\Maintenance\RebuildData::addDefaultParams ( )
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◆ execute()

SMW\Maintenance\RebuildData::execute ( )
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◆ reportMessage()

SMW\Maintenance\RebuildData::reportMessage (   $message)

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