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SMW\Maintenance\RebuildConceptCache Class Reference
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 execute ()
 reportMessage ( $message)

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 addDefaultParams ()

Detailed Description

Manage concept caches

This script is used to manage concept caches for Semantic MediaWiki. Concepts are semantic queries stored on Concept: pages. The elements of concepts can be computed online, or they can come from a pre-computed cache. The wiki may even be configured to display certain concepts only if they are available cached.

This script can create, delete and update these caches, or merely show their status.

Usage: php rebuildConceptCache.php <action> [<select concepts>="">] [<options>]

Actions: –help Show this message. –status Show the cache status of the selected concepts. –create Rebuild caches for the selected concepts. –delete Remove all caches for the selected concepts.

If no further options are given, all concepts in the wiki are processed.

Select concepts: –concept 'Concept name' Process only this one concept. –hard Process only concepts that are not allowed to be computed online according to the current wiki settings. –update Process only concepts that already have some cache, i.e. do not create any new caches. For the opposite (only concepts without caches), use –old with a very high number. –old <min> Process only concepts with caches older than <min> minutes or with no caches at all. -s <startid> Process only concepts with page id of at least <startid> -e <endid> Process only concepts with page id of at most <endid>

Selection options can be combined to process only concepts that meet all the requirements at once. If –concept is given, then -s and -e are ignored.

Options: –quiet Do not give any output. –verbose Give additional output. No effect if –quiet is given.

Use option –help for usage details.

Note: if SMW is not installed in its standard path under ./extensions then the MW_INSTALL_PATH environment variable must be set. See README in the maintenance directory.


Markus Krötzsch

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◆ addDefaultParams()

SMW\Maintenance\RebuildConceptCache::addDefaultParams ( )
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◆ execute()

SMW\Maintenance\RebuildConceptCache::execute ( )
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◆ reportMessage()

SMW\Maintenance\RebuildConceptCache::reportMessage (   $message)

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