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SMWTurtleSerializer Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ( $sparqlMode=false)
 clear ()
 flushSparqlPrefixes ()
 serializeDeclaration ( $uri, $typename)
 serializeExpData (SMWExpData $expData)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SMWSerializer
 __construct ()
 clear ()
 startSerialization ()
 finishSerialization ()
 serializeDeclarations ()
 serializeDeclaration ( $uri, $typename)
 serializeExpData (SMWExpData $data)
 flushContent ()

Static Public Member Functions

static reset ()
static getTurtleNameForExpElement (SMWExpElement $expElement)

Protected Member Functions

 serializeHeader ()
 serializeFooter ()
 serializeNamespace ( $shortname, $uri)
 serializeNestedExpData (SMWExpData $data, $indent)
 serializeExpLiteral (SMWExpLiteral $element)
 serializeExpResource (SMWExpResource $element)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SMWSerializer
 serializeHeader ()
 serializeFooter ()
 serializeNamespaces ()
 serializeNamespace ( $shortname, $uri)
 requireNamespace ( $nsshort, $nsuri)
 requireDeclaration (SMWExpResource $resource, $decltype)
 recordDeclarationTypes (SMWExpData $expData)
 declarationDone (SMWExpResource $element, $typeflag)
 isOWLClassTypeProperty (SMWExpNsResource $property)

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from SMWSerializer

Detailed Description

File holding the SMWTurtleSerializer class that provides basic functions for serialising OWL data in Turtle syntax.

Markus Krötzsch Class for serializing exported data (encoded as SMWExpData object) in Turtle syntax.

Member Function Documentation

◆ flushSparqlPrefixes()

SMWTurtleSerializer::flushSparqlPrefixes ( )

Get an array of namespace prefixes used in SPARQL mode. Namespaces are not serialized among triples in SPARQL mode but are collected separately. This method returns the prefixes and empties the collected list afterwards.

array shortName => namespace URI

◆ getTurtleNameForExpElement()

static SMWTurtleSerializer::getTurtleNameForExpElement ( SMWExpElement  $expElement)

Get the Turtle serialization string for the given SMWExpElement. The method just computes a name, and does not serialize triples, so the parameter must be an SMWExpResource or SMWExpLiteral, no SMWExpData.

$expElementSMWExpElement being SMWExpLiteral or SMWExpResource

◆ reset()

static SMWTurtleSerializer::reset ( )

◆ serializeNestedExpData()

SMWTurtleSerializer::serializeNestedExpData ( SMWExpData  $data,

Serialize the given SMWExpData object, possibly recursively with increased indentation.

$dataSMWExpData containing the data to be serialised.
$indentstring specifying a prefix for indentation (usually a sequence of tabs)

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