Semantic MediaWiki and related extensions
Bug List
Page coding
` in doxygen comments to keep track of to-dos and bugs directly within the code.
  • Complex code and hacks should be documented with C-style line-comments ("// ...").
  • User documentation should be documented with Shell-style line-comments ("# ...").
  • Implementations that affect users and existing features ''must'' be documented in the user manual before release.
  • Changes that are relevant to users, administrators, or third-party developers ''must'' be mentioned in the file "RELEASE-NOTES" where a short note is enough (incl. the PR).
Member SMW::serializeExpCollection (ExpNsResource $expResourceProperty, array $collection, $indent, $isClassTypeProp)

The $isClassTypeProp parameter is not properly taken into account.

Individual resources are not serialised properly.

Class SMWURIValue
Correctly create safe HTML and Wiki text.

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