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DefaultSettings.php File Reference


const SCI_CITEREF_NUM (!defined( 'MEDIAWIKI')) 1
 $GLOBALS ['scigCitationReferenceCaptionFormat'] = SCI_CITEREF_NUM
 $GLOBALS ['scigShowTooltipForCitationReference']
 $GLOBALS ['scigTooltipRequestCacheTTLInSeconds'] = 60 * 60 * 24
 $GLOBALS ['scigMetadataResponseCacheType'] = CACHE_ANYTHING
 $GLOBALS ['scigMetadataResponseCacheLifetime'] = 60 * 60 * 24
 $GLOBALS ['scigNumberOfReferenceListColumns'] = 0
 $GLOBALS ['scigResponsiveMonoColumnCharacterBoundLength'] = 600
 $GLOBALS ['scigReferenceListType'] = 'ol'
 $GLOBALS ['scigBrowseLinkToCitationResource'] = true
 $GLOBALS ['scigReferenceListCacheType'] = CACHE_ANYTHING
 $GLOBALS ['scigEnabledStrictParserValidation'] = true
 $GLOBALS ['scigStrictParserValidationEnabled'] = $GLOBALS['scigEnabledStrictParserValidation']
 $GLOBALS ['scigEnabledCitationTextChangeUpdateJob'] = true

Variable Documentation

$GLOBALS['scigCitationReferenceCaptionFormat'] = SCI_CITEREF_NUM

Specifies the caption format of the citation reference, either as a number or as the annotated key

Initial value:
= array(
const SCI_CITEREF_NUM(!defined( 'MEDIAWIKI'))
Definition: DefaultSettings.php:16
Definition: DefaultSettings.php:17

Enables a tooltip for a specific citation reference format

The requestCacheTTL specifies the expiry for a citation text that is locally cached in a browser before a new ajax-request is made.

To force a browser to renew the display before the cache is expired, delete the "scite.cache" localStorage from the browser

$GLOBALS['scigTooltipRequestCacheTTLInSeconds'] = 60 * 60 * 24
$GLOBALS['scigMetadataResponseCacheType'] = CACHE_ANYTHING

Setting to regulate the caching of response for received from a metadata provider

$GLOBALS['scigMetadataResponseCacheLifetime'] = 60 * 60 * 24
$GLOBALS['scigNumberOfReferenceListColumns'] = 0

Number of columns displayed for the reference list

$GLOBALS['scigResponsiveMonoColumnCharacterBoundLength'] = 600

Responsive columns depend on a browser to select an appropriated number of columns based on the screen width, yet it is possible to limit the responsiveness to a mono list when the character length of the produced reference list is lower than that for the given setting.

$GLOBALS['scigReferenceListType'] = 'ol'

Specifies the reference list type of which can be either 'ol' or 'ul'

$GLOBALS['scigBrowseLinkToCitationResource'] = true

Whether to generate a "Browse" link to a citation resource or not.

$GLOBALS['scigReferenceListCacheType'] = CACHE_ANYTHING

Specify which cache type to be used, if no cache should be used at all, use CACHE_NONE

$GLOBALS['scigEnabledStrictParserValidation'] = true

Whether a strict validation on behalf of the #scite parser should be enabled or not

$GLOBALS['scigStrictParserValidationEnabled'] = $GLOBALS['scigEnabledStrictParserValidation']
$GLOBALS['scigEnabledCitationTextChangeUpdateJob'] = true

Whether an update job should be dispatched for changed citation text entities or not

const SCI_CITEREF_NUM(!defined( 'MEDIAWIKI')) 1


The following default settings are to be used by the extension itself, please modify settings in the LocalSettings file.