Semantic MediaWiki and related extensions
DefaultSettings.php File Reference


if(!defined( 'MEDIAWIKI')) $GLOBALS ['egSBLBreadcrumbTrailStyleClass'] = 'sbl-breadcrumb-trail-light'
 $GLOBALS ['egSBLBreadcrumbDividerStyleClass'] = 'sbl-breadcrumb-arrow'
 $GLOBALS ['egSBLPropertySearchPatternByNamespace'] = []
 $GLOBALS ['egSBLTryToFindClosestDescendant'] = true
 $GLOBALS ['egSBLUseSubpageFinderFallback'] = true
 $GLOBALS ['egSBLPageTitleToHideSubpageParent'] = true
 $GLOBALS ['egSBLEnabledSubpageParentAnnotation'] = true
 $GLOBALS ['egSBLDisableTranslationSubpageAnnotation'] = true

Variable Documentation

if (!defined( 'MEDIAWIKI')) $GLOBALS['egSBLBreadcrumbTrailStyleClass'] = 'sbl-breadcrumb-trail-light'


The following default settings are to be used by the extension itself, please modify settings in the LocalSettings file.

Assigns a styling class to the breadcrumb trail

$GLOBALS['egSBLBreadcrumbDividerStyleClass'] = 'sbl-breadcrumb-arrow'

Assigns a divider styling class

$GLOBALS['egSBLPropertySearchPatternByNamespace'] = []

An array of search patterna on a per namespace basis. If no search pattern is declared for a namespace then the search is disabled.

$GLOBALS['egSBLTryToFindClosestDescendant'] = true

SBL will try to find the closest descendant (it will not work for subpages due to missing annotation information)

$GLOBALS['egSBLUseSubpageFinderFallback'] = true

SBL will try to match a hierarchy based on the Foo/Bar/Baz subpage notation for when a property search returns empty results.

$GLOBALS['egSBLPageTitleToHideSubpageParent'] = true

SBL will try to hide the parent part of a subpage title from display when a corresponding namespace entry is found in the wgNamespacesWithSubpages setting.

$GLOBALS['egSBLEnabledSubpageParentAnnotation'] = true

Supports the auto-generation of Has parent page annotations for subpages.

$GLOBALS['egSBLDisableTranslationSubpageAnnotation'] = true

Disables the annotation for a subpage when it is identified as translation page.